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Kehlani( Kehlani Ashley Parrish )


I still didn't believe

[Verse 1 - Kehlani:]
You so damn important
Everything you do shows me you know it
Behind it all you are the motive
Don't tell you enough, but baby I'll show it, show it
He say the king where he come from
Take a young queen just to know one
So, baby, I'm a drive it like it's stolen
I'm a fix it like it's broken
We could catch a flight out to London
Go to the mall, spend a lump sum
They could try to catch up to us
But they're too busy making assumptions

[Bridge - Kehlani:]
Boy, you know all I do
Is stay up all night losing sleep over you
All I do
Is drive myself crazy thinkin' 'bout my baby

[Hook - Kehlani:]
It's the way you walk, the way you talk, babe
It's the way you love, the way you fuck, the way
It's the way you are, you're a star, babe
It's the way you, it's the way you

[Verse 2 - Chance The Rapper:]
She said I ain't even make my bed up
Watch your step, you gon' wake my mama and dad up
Pssh, girl, didn't I tell you at the damn club?
We gon' wake your neighbors
Turn your block club to my fan club
And that happen so fast
Damn, I glad I strapped up
Ask her when she finish, if she came
She said I lapped ya twice
Run it back for the door, rematch
Flip the crib when we fuck, Remax
It get hot then no more, last cup
You can ask her if I fuck, she gassed, huh
I gotta keep it a secret, I keep a key in my lower pocket
Inside a register below the lower octave
Dirty laundry in my closet, they be strung out on the street
Left to dry with dry sheets and no deposit
They don't gotta worry, put my hand on your mouth
Put my hands in your mouth, girl
We got plans at my house, you know the way up


[Verse 3 - Kehlani:]
This thing we got is crazy
Only thing I know is you're my baby
Forever down, I am your lady
Always for sure, never a maybe
Never met someone who spoke my language
Never met a nigga done with playin'
You the type of nigga make me lane switch
Hand me the brush and say 'paint it'
Give me your heart and I hold it
Show me your soul and I'll mould it
Baby boy, you gotta be the dopest
Gotta be to fuck with the coldest



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