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Sia Furler( Sia Kate Isobelle Furler )

Free the Animal

I love you so, wanna throw you from the roof
The pressure builds, wanna put my hands through you
I'll squeeze you tight until you take your last breath
Loving you to death,loving you to death

(pre chorus)
The pressures rising I won't make it through tonight
This love immortal is an assassins delight
Just blow me up or run me down or cut my throat
And when it's time for you to die ,I'll let you know

Detonate me
Shoot me like a cannon ball
Granulate me
Kill me like an animal
Decapitate me
Hit me like a baseball
Emancipate me
Free the animal, free the animal

I love you so I'm putting you in quicksand
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You take your chances when you kiss the hit man
The animals inside of this infinite jest
Loving you to death,loving you to death

(pre chorus)

Murder me, ruin me
Look what you do to me
Beautiful pain baby
Pour acid rain on me
Kill me with your loving
Kill me with your loving
I'll slice you and dice you
Like sugar and spice
I'll do all that you want me to
I'll beat on the beast in you
I'll kill you with my loving
I'll kill you with my loving

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Sia Furler( Sia Kate Isobelle Furler )
Miscellaneous 1
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