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Mamas Gun is a five-piece London based band who are currently working on their as yet untitled fourth album. Their third album, “Cheap Hotel”, was released in September 2014 on their independent label Candelion. Their first album “Routes to Riches” successfully broke them in Japan where they became the most played international artist on Japanese radio in 2009. They have since toured and performed all over the world, particularly broadening their profile in South East Asia in places such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. They have supported the likes of Level 42, Beverley Knight, Raphael Saadiq and Ben l'Oncle Soul. Since the release of 'Routes to Riches', they have released two more albums. The Life and Soul (2011) and Cheap Hotel (2014).

The band is named after Erykah Badu album Mama's Gun.

Andy Platts
Cameron Dawson
David Oliver
Terry Lewis
Chris Boot
Jack Pollitt (2007 - 2015)
Rex Horan (2007 - 2012)
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Album name Release Date  Song    
This Is The Day 2020-01
1.This Is The Day
Say You'll Be Mine(Feat. Kwon Jin Ah) 2019-11
1.Say You'll Be Mine(Feat. Kwon Jin Ah) (Provided)
On The Wire 2018-05
1.On The Wire
You Make My Life A Better Place 2018-03
1.You Make My Life A Better Place
Strangers On The Street 2018-02
1.Strangers On The Street (Provided)
I Need A Win 2018-02
1.I Need A Win
London Girls 2018-01
1.London Girls
Golden Days 2018-01
1.You Make My Life A Better Place
2.On The Wire
3.I Need A Win
4.Diamond In The Bell Jar
5.London Girls
6.The Spooks
8.Golden Days
9.Strangers On A Street
10.This Is The Day
Cheap Hotel 2014
1.Red Cassette
2.Cheap Hotel (Provided)
3.Burn and Fade (Provided)
4.Hello Goodnight (Provided)
5.Jessie (Provided)
6.Love Logic
7.Midas Touch (Provided)
8.People on the Run (Provided)
9.On and On (Provided)
10.Music Is My Thing (Provided)
11.Where I Belon (Provided)
12.Siamese Jackson (Provided)
13.Joy Rides (Provided)
The Life And Soul 2011
2.The Life And Soul
3.We Make It Look So Easy
4.On A String
6.Heavy Hands
7.Sending You A Message
8.Rocket To The Moon
9.Only One
10.The Art
11.Get A High
12.Bicycle Race
13.Yesterdays News
14.Yesterday's News(Miss Nine Mix)
Routes To Riches 2010-02
1.Sketches (Provided)
3.Sketches (Provided)
4.Never Be Right
5.You Are The Music(DJ Komori Remix)
2.Yesterday's News
3.Red Cassette (Radio Edit)
4.Wishing (Radio Edit)
5.You Are The Music (Radio Edit)
6.I Need a Win
8.You Make My Life a Better Place

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