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【 Animal(派對動物) 】【 2010-01-29 】

Album songs:
1.Your Love Is My Drug(愛情靈藥)

2.TiK ToK(跑趴滴答)

3.Take It Off(脫掉)

4.Kiss N Tell(抓包)


6.Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3)(嘰哩呱啦 - feat. 酷帥雙人組)


8.Party At A Rich Dude's House(好野人的轟趴)




12.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes(強顏歡笑)

13.Boots & Boys(靴子與男孩)



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Album Intro:

◎歡樂到底Party主打〈TiK ToK〉,衝上美國+澳洲和加拿大冠軍,成為實境秀「決戰時裝舞台Project Runway」第六季宣傳配樂、「飛越情海Melrose Place」、「比佛利拜金女The Hills」等影集重點襯曲
任意把玩最夯電子舞曲風格,古靈精怪大搞街頭創意,寫歌/演唱不含糊的一把罩,個性鮮明且具話題性,成為紅翻全球Lady Gaga最強頭號勁敵Ke$ha,誓言用她的流行無罪、搖滾萬歲、派對至上、電音時尚之理念,企圖瘋狂搞High全球音樂區塊!尚未正式發行個人專輯,卻提早受邀葛萊美歌后Sarah McLachlan在2010年捲土重來之提振女性藝人自主權及地位的Lilith Fair音樂季中演出,並列於Mary J Blige、Sheryl Crow、Erykah Badu等重量級巨星名單裡頭!
Calling all animal lovers! Have tons of fun running your very own pet vet clinic. As a doctor you'll get to take care of fuzzy bunnies, adorable cats, dogs, horses, ponies and even piglets. Packed with oodles of awesome activities ranging from animal examinations, dog training and even horse back riding; you'll learn amazing facts about animals while you treat, care, and love them!

You will be given opportunities to run and operate your own animal hospital with your very own staff. Which will let you examine various animals and find out what's wrong, also the tools and knowledge to be able to diagnose the problems of your patient and then finally be able to cure them of their sickness. You will even be able to go shopping to pick up yummy foods, pet toys, and vet supplies. Most importantly you will be able to develop relationships with your patients by showing love, affection during playtime.