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【 Released 】【 2005-03-31 】

Album songs:
1.When You're Looking Like That (Single Mix)

2.Don't Calm the Storm

3.I Won't Let You Down

4.Angel (Remix)

5.Tonight (12' Metro Mix)

6.where we belong

7.Close Your Eyes

8.Until the end of time

9.Bop Bop Baby (Almighty Radio Edit)

10.Uptown Girl (Extended Version)

11.nothing is impossible

12.Greased Lightnin'

13.Lost In You

14.You See Friends (I See Lovers)

15.Westlife Megamix

16.En Ti Deje Mi Amor (Spanish)

17.Con Lo Bien Que Te Ves

18.Mandy (Club Mix)

Album Intro:

Released was a special compilation album by Irish boyband Westlife and was released only in South Africa on 31 March 2005 in support of the band's Face To Face Tour.

The album consists of 18 songs including remixes of some of the band's well known hits, B-sides from some their singles such as 'Don't Calm The Storm' and 'I Won't Let You Down' along with the Spanish versions of I Lay My Love on You and When You're Looking Like That

Album list
> Spectrum

> My Blood

> Dynamite

> Better Man

> Tonight

> 再見西城 最終精選(Greatest Hits Deluxe)

> Lighthouse

> Safe

> Gravity

> Where We Are

> What About Now - Single

> Us Against The World(CD Single Pt.1)

> Us Against The World (CD Single Pt.2)

> Westlife


> Home (CD Single Pt.1)

> The Rose(CDS 1)

> The Love Album

> The Rose(CDS 2)

> Amazing(CDS Pt.2)

> When You Tell Me That You Love Me(Pt.1)

> When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Pt.2)

> Amazing(CDS Pt.1)

> Number Ones Tour

> Face To Face

> You Raise Me Up(Pt.2)

> You Raise Me Up(Pt.1)

> Released

> Beyond The Sea (Single)

> Smile

> Allow Us To Be Frank

> Ain't That A Kick In The Head

> Obvious(CDS 2)

> Obvious(CDS 1)

> Turnaround

> Mandy(CDS 2)

> Mandy(CDS 1)

> Hey Whatever

> Tonight(CD Single 2)

> Tonight(CD Single 1)

> Tonight & Miss You Night

> Unbreakable V.1: The Greatest Hits

> Unbreakable(CD Single 1)

> The Greatest Hits[真愛無敵]

> Bop Bop Baby(CD Single 1)

> World Of Our Own

> Queen of My Heart (Pt.1)

> When You're Looking Like That

> Coast To Coast

> Coast To Coast Delux Version豪華版

> I Lay My Love On You (CD Single)

> Uptown Girl(International Single)

> What Makes a Man(Pt.1)

> My Love(CD Single Pt.1)

> Against All Odds (Pt.1)

> Fool Again(CD Single)

> I Have A Dream & Seasons In The Sun

> Westlife 1

> Flying Without Wings(CD Single Pt.2)

> Flying Without Wings(CD Single Pt.1)

> If I Let You Go (CD Single Pt.2)

> Swear It Again

> I.O.U. @ Together Girl Forever

> 訪華最愛[迷你專輯]

> The Farewell Tour

> Compilation

> 暫存

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